Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sonatina for Grace

One Small Clue has released Grace : Sampler for free. There are both 32 and 64 bit versions for Windows. One of its features is that it can easily import and convert SFZ format instruments.

I've converted the great Sonatina Orchestra from Mattias Westlund to Grace format. 

Licensing: SSO is a free library released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license.

As a bonus from the University of Iowa, a Steinway. I went with a lighter version as it seems to take up a lot of memory.


  1. I loaded these into Grace. Some patches, like Violins Pizzicato or Celli Staccato, play two different pitches of minor second interval, even though I press just one key. I don't know what's the source of the problem. Could you help me?

    1. I asked over on the Grace forum and I'll see what they say.

    2. Some nice folks on the Grace forum have been investigating. It seems that the short articulations have round robins and Grace doesn't support round robins. If you pick Group 2, then Delete Key Group and then save the program, it will fix the problem. I will upload a new version.
      Thanks for finding this!

    3. "FINDING?!" Does it mean nobody except me is using these??? What a sad thing to hear, so far this library sounds better than whatever I made in EWQL... or maybe my orchestration skills have just developed, but it can be both.

      Deleting the key group worked, I hear only one group. But doesn't "deleting a group" diminish the quality? Oh well, I don't quite know how technically this stuff works, or if I can make keyswitches or what, if there's a forum maybe I'll jump in there. Thanks for help :)

    4. I'm glad you are enjoying these instruments. I'm not sure if anyone else is using them or not. I never really know.
      In a sense not having round robins does dis-improve the sound as it helps prevent the machine gun effect of repeating the same exact sample over and over again. But it is just a limitation of Grace.

  2. Hi, I had to restart my sample workshop including this library, and reaper reports Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra\Samples\Percussion\wood_block-hi.wav as "missing". Not sure but it seems the content of your library has been damaged. Could you check it out, please? Thank you :)

  3. Answering my own question...